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Open Submissions


Applications are now closed for the current round.

What can I submit?

Any proposals that you’d like our assessment committee to consider. While early concept submissions are welcome, we’d also like to see evidence of your commitment to the project and any work you’ve done to date.

Submissions could include:

– A draft script
– A collection of songs you’re hoping to develop into a musical or cabaret
– Details of a collaboration with other creatives
– A musical that’s already had a development showing or a full production

Does the proposal need to be a new work?

While Hayes Creative Development is primarily interested in supporting new musicals and cabarets, if you’d like to propose a co-production or collaboration with Hayes on an existing show that you have the rights to, then we’d love to hear from you.
If you want to submit an independent (self-produced and funded) musical next year, please see our 2022 Independent Production Applications guidelines.

How to submit?

Simply email submissions@hayestheatre.com.au with the following information attached. Please include as much information as possible for the panel to get a good sense of your project: 

– Cover letter
– Video and audio demos 
– Script and libretto
– Details of confirmed collaborators
– The history of the project (any development, workshops or readings)
– The scope of the production (anticipated cast and band size, any particular staging requirements)
– Target audience
– Any requirement to obtain rights to source material
– Any encumbrances (contractual obligations to commissioning partners or similar)

What happens next?

All submissions will be assessed following the closing date.  We’ll respond to every submission and offer feedback, regardless of whether we’re able to help. Our advisory committee will also select some projects for targeted assistance.  This may include:

– Mentorship
– Advice on potential creative pairings
– The offer of seed finance to pay for further development
– Inclusion in a biannual development week with a professional director, cast and musicians
– The offer of inclusion in a future Hayes Theatre Co season

Does my musical have to be developed for production at Hayes?

No, while we are looking for projects to develop for presentation at Hayes, we recognise that our 111-seat theatre may not be the right fit for your vision. We’ll offer you what help we can and then suggest potential next steps. In some instances, musicals might benefit from an initial season at Hayes followed by further development for presentation at other venues.

What sort of musicals are you looking for?

That’s up to you. We encourage you to submit proposals that have the potential to develop the form of musical theatre as well as creative approaches to more conventional storytelling. We are interested in projects that celebrate the diversity of Australian cultural expression.



Please send all applications or expressions of interest to submissions@hayestheatre.com.au