I’m Literally Losing My Mind

Performances 10 & 12 September 2020

Approximately 60 minutes – no interval

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Presented by Archery Productions in association with Hayes Theatre Co

Starring Naomi Livingston
Supported by Scott Sheridan, Chris Archer & David Emery

A multi-generational journey through motherhood, mental health and mortality.

This soul-ripping, thought provoking, original score about panic, parenting and the realities of mental health, is guaranteed to crack you up and crack you open.

This brand-new show explores overactive imaginations, seeing ghosts, some guy called Graham, meditation gone wrong, and heaven forbid, maybe even birth. And who the fuck is named Graham these days? Sorry Graham.

What’s real and what’s fiction doesn’t matter. It’s the story of a lineage of women, and what it is to be a mother, have a mother, lose a mother and what becomes our legacy for our children.