In Loving Memory

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Approximately 60 minutes – no interval

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Written by Mia Morrissey
Developed through Hayes Creative Development

Hayes Theatre Co Presents

The loss. The love. The unbearable rage and surprising hilarity; In Loving Memory is a celebration of the many shapes, colours and faces of grief. 
Through a series of original musical eulogies, sung with a live band, Mia Morrissey invites us on a journey through, under, around, and beyond the stages of grief; revelling in the catharsis, humour and theatricality of funerals, musicals, life, and death.
Star and writer Mia Morrissey, and director Sam Hooper introduce grief in her abounding forms: A sister, forlorn as she is flourishing; A niece; explosive as she is exhausted; A mother, lost as she is lucid; A partner; messy as she is masochistic but above all grief is a friend. A lonely, beautiful, ugly, performative, ridiculous, unfathomable friend… And it’s about time we let her in and let her out.
“Funerals facilitate the enormity of human expression through art, by celebrating the things that really matter in grief,” said Mia. “The last few years we have all been through a lot of change, a lot of loss. We are in a world-wide time of grieving. So now feels a lot like the right time for a funeral… doesn’t it?”
So come dressed in your finest blacks and be prepared to laugh at all the wrong things, clap when you maybe shouldn’t, ugly cry off the mascara you shouldn’t have worn in the first place and relish a night of grief in all her messy beauty. 


Full Price $45


    Written by and Starring Mia Morrissey

    Director Sam Hooper
    Music Director Andrew Worboys
    Designer Dann Barber
    Arranger Charlotte Macinnes

    Artwork Design Dann Barber
    Artwork Photographer Nick Simpson Deeks


    Wheelchair Seating

    A limited number of accessible seats are available in the front row of the theatre, these seats can be purchased through the Book Now button.

    Please contact the box office on (02) 8065 7337 if you have any further questions regarding accessibility.

In Loving Memory

PREVIOUS: Performances from 20 July - 23 July 2022

Approximately 60 minutes – no interval