Applications for Showlab have now CLOSED.

Showlab is a day-long workshop where selected early to mid-career writers, performers and composers present a short excerpt from their project to a panel of industry professionals, and receive immediate, in-person feedback.

The event is a full day workshop that will be hosted and moderated by the Artistic Directors of Hayes Theatre Co. Selected creatives will present a 10 – 15 minute excerpt of their project, and will receive approximately 15 minutes of feedback from the advisory panel. The presentation may be a combination of a spoken synopsis of the show, songs, scenes, an improvised or devised concept that can be put in front of an audience, or even some filmed material if appropriate. Projects selected will prepare their presentation in consultation with the Hayes team.

Other writers, composers, performers and producers can apply to attend as audience members, particularly if interested in networking and connecting with others involved in making new work. Each attendee will be asked to submit a short bio which will be circulated before the event, in the spirit of fuelling conversations between like-minded creatives looking for collaborators.

Showlab will be run at the Hayes in June.

Submissions for Showlab have now closed. If you have missed the submission entires and are still wanting to apply, please contact

To apply to be part of the audience, please fill out the Audience Application Form


  • What are the key dates?

    Submissions open                               Monday 4th March

    Submissions close                               Friday 15th March

    Successful Applicants notified by    Friday 5th April

    Showlab at Hayes Theatre                 Sunday 9th June

  • Do I need to attend the workshop in person?

    Yes, Showlab will be run in person at Hayes Theatre Co on Sunday 9th June

  • Will I need to attend the entire workshop?

    Yes. If you are accepted, it is expected that you will be available for the entire workshop to both present your work to the panel for feedback, as well as hear the presentation of other new works and subsequent feedback.

  • Are there any costs involved in the workshop?

    No! There is no cost to be part of the Showlab workshop.

  • Will I be guaranteed a place at the workshop if I apply?

    We receive many more submissions than we have the space to accommodate in the single day event, so there’s no guarantee of a place in the workshop.

  • What should I put in my Cover Letter?

    Your cover letter should include a brief outline of your work, and the vision you have for your musical.  Please include information on the writers, and any previous experience they have with musical theatre. You may include what you want to gain from the workshop, and should describe what you will present on the day.

  • What should I present at the workshop?

    Each participant will have the opportunity to present 10 – 15 minutes of their work, which could incorporate a brief overview or synopsis, musical numbers (with or without lyrics) or dialogue scenes. Remember that this is not a pitch session or competition, we want you to showcase the work itself.

  • Do I need to perform myself?

    You are welcome to perform your excerpt, or engage others to assist you.

  • Who will be on the Advisory Panel?

    The advisory panel is made up of industry professionals – creatives who have varied experience nationally and internationally as directors, writers, musical directors/composers and dramaturgs.

    For more information on the panellists, please see the Hayes Creative Advisory Panel

  • What sort of projects are you looking for?

    We encourage you to submit proposals that have the potential to advance the form of music theatre, and take an original and innovative approach to storytelling. This can be original work, adaptations from other artforms, or experimental works. We are interested in projects that celebrate the diversity of Australian cultural expression.

  • Does the project need to be a new work? 

    Yes, Hayes Creative only supports new Australian music theatre works. This can include adaptations of existing ideas or jukebox musicals – however in this case, you must demonstrate that you have taken steps to obtain the relevant rights to the source material.

  • Will you accept submissions outside of Australia?

    No. Hayes Creative is run to support and develop new Australian musicals. However, we will accept submissions from creative teams that are not entirely made up of Australian creatives.

  • Will my musical be programmed or supported by Hayes following the workshop?

    Showlab is a program that provides advice to emerging writers and composers. It will not result in funding from Hayes Theatre Co. If you would like to apply for further development support, you can apply for Feedback Submissions If you would like to apply for funding after further development work, you can apply for Development Submission.

If you have any further questions, please contact